Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Testing Today - What are the main challenges?

I'm on the 'Testing Today' panel at the Next Generation Testing Conference on Wednesday 23rd May.  We'll be discussing the main challenges to testing today.

What would you ask?

Panel 1: Testing Today - What are the main challenges?
Moderator: Dr Richard Sykes
Panelists include: Stephen Janaway, Nokia; Tony Bruce, Tony Bruce Consulting Ltd; others TBA

Topics to be debated include:-
  •  Testing in the cloud
  •  Testing mobile applications
  •  Testing Big Data migrations
  •  Games Testing
  •  Non-software systems testing
Case Study: Mobile Testing - That's Just a Smaller Screen, Right?
Stephen Janaway, Nokia

Panel 2: New Tools and Techniques
Moderator: Susan Windsor, Gerrard Consulting
Panelists include: Andy Redwood, JP Morgan; Claudia Badell, Universidad de la República, Uruguay; Jenny Martin, Collaborate Solutions Ltd; Paul Gerrard, Gerrard Consulting; Bertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich/ Chief Architect, Eiffel Software

Topics to be debated include:-
  •  The role of test automation today
  •  Test automation tools and a quick guide to their relative merits
  •  Where does Automation fit in an Agile project?
Keynote: Can Tests be Truly Automatic?
Bertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich/ Chief Architect, Eiffel Software

Case study: 10 Key Behaviours for a Successful Agile Tester
Colin Weaver, DB Consulting
A successful Agile transformation requires a different mindset and ethos for the project team from traditional waterfall projects. Using real-life examples, this presentation focuses on the behaviours that help contribute to an individual being a successful Agile Tester.

Panel 3: All about Agile
Moderator: Niels Malotaux, Malotaux Consulting
Panelists include: Taheerah Atchia, Late; Liz Keogh, Lunivore; Steve Tulk; Colin Weaver, DB Consulting; Steve Watson, Reed Business Information

Topics to be debated include:-
  •  Building a QA Team for the Agile Age
  •  Quality Management in an Agile Context
  •  Agile Project Scaling
  •  Can Agile and Waterfall teams work together on the same project?

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