Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Be a real team member - Agile Testing Days 2013 Presentation.

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Friday, 25 October 2013

London #TesterGathering Workshops 2013 - Presentations and materials

Here are the presentations and materials from the London #TesterGathering Workshops 2013

I will add the rest as I get them.

Debugging, testing and hacking JavaScript Web Applications - @carlosble

This workshop will teach effective techniques for testing JavaScript web apps:
  • How to use Firebug and Chrome development tools for debugging
  • Basic overview of the JavaScript language
  • Basic overview of jQuery
  • Online tools: prettifiers and json formatters
  • Automated testing with Cucumber.js, Casper.js and Selenium
Javascript for Testers

Workshop code

Tarantino of BDD - @vsbmeza

There are many patterns on the internet about how to implement feature files. There are even many blog posts that teach us how to improve the style of our scenarios by raising the level of abstraction. Even when following those practices, we often end up with unmaintainable code, brittle tests and frustration. We are going to explore another step towards a state where the tool doesn't interfere with capturing the conversations by constraining the language we use. We'll learn about a pattern that could enable looser coupling between steps, cleaner step definition code, happiness and many more.


Please have a laptop with Java (1.6+), Maven and your favourite IDE installed on it.
Ensure your laptop can connect to the internet
have 2 twitter accounts you can use. (We will be not spamming, so you are safe to use your main account for one)


Workshop code

Security Testing for Mobile Apps@Bill_Matthews

In this half day workshop we will begin to explore some of the tools and concepts around security testing for mobile applications. We'll focus on Android apps but the ideas are transferable to any mobile platform. By the end of the workshop you will have a basic security testing tool kit and practical experience of using these to test for common security issues. As this is a practical workshop so you'll need a laptop and the ability to install tools.


Black Ops Testing - @eviltester @testpartners @workroomprds  @tonybruce77

James Lyndsay, Steve Green, Alan Richardson and Tony Bruce have joined forces to bring you Black Ops Testing: A practical testing workshop. 
We'll be focusing on scouting, intrusion and extraction. Or, if you don't like military metaphors: Thinking, Exploration, Diagnosis 
Either way, this will be a testing workshop like no other. 
Join our crack team of testers. 
They're easier to find than the A-team, but just as hard.


Website Accessibility Testing with Assistive Technologies@testpartners

Join Steve for a hands on accessibility testing workshop at #ltgw2013! In this session you will learn how to test websites with two assistive technologies - a screen reader and voice recognition software - to extend the scope of your accessibility testing beyond basic WCAG compliance.

Please bring a Windows PC with the following: NVDA 2013 this is free at http://www.nvaccess.org/ Firefox (latest version) & Headphones.

Due to the high cost of voice recognition software this section of the workshop will not be hands-on.

I test a lot of web applications. I use proxy servers to interrogate and manipulate web traffic, and the built in browser developer tools. 

We will cover and go beyond the obvious interrogation and manipulation of traffic and also look at how to use auto-responders, custom rules and traffic generators. The different capabilities of the tools and how to use them in combination. 

We will also look at the new features in modern browsers that help you achieve some of the proxy benefits out of the box, for those moments when you have to test unarmed. 

As well as the tools I want to cover the testing thought processes and models that help you apply the tools in your work. 

Turn up with some modern browsers installed (Chrome, Firefox, Opera), a couple of proxy servers (BurpSuite, Fiddler, Zed Attack Proxy), possibly some plugins (Firebug), to maximize your time in the workshop. 

Did you know that many companies encourage people to find bugs in their software? Martin will be showing how you can have fun, gain fame and money finding issues in software and websites you use every day. He'll also be showing you some of the basic tips and techniques that will enable you to become a great "Bounty Hunter". We will end the workshop with a testing session against sites that pay you for finding issues. There is a real opportunity to earn thousands of pounds during this workshop. 

Need a Windows PC or Mac running Parallels , either one with Fiddler installed, any modern browser will do.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Three talks - One #TesterGathering

So at the October London #TesterGathering we had three talks.

David Parker talked about Test Estimation - My main take away is that it's not easy.

Mark Smith talked about a experiment he is trying with making BDD examples easier to write and automate.
I've linked to his template (for want of a better word).
He is looking for feedback so get in touch with him.

Steve Green talked the need for Testers to be unreasonable, to be more insistent. - My main take away is that we need to make people aware of the risks of not having the right kit. For example only testing with emulators.

A huge thanks to the sponsors of the evening:

Random photos:

Friday, 18 October 2013

Have you seen what is happening at The Wesley?

In a few weeks Agile Tour London 2013 will be upon us.

Agile Tour London is a conference, a part of the Global Agile Tour. Since its conception in 2008, it has become a hugely successful worldwide event spanning 30 different countries. The idea is simple yet powerful: create a world-wide network of local agile events open to everyone interested in Agility: From Confirmed Agile Practitioner to Agile Newbie.
Global Agile Tour has come to London for the first time this year. This event for agile enthusiasts is an international conference composed of several excellent Lectures and Workshops given by Speakers from the UK and abroad. You can check the program to discover all the talks.
The London edition will happen the Friday 1st November 2013 in The Wesley Hotel close Hudson Station and Saint Pancras.
The registration is open with regular tickets at the price of £100 Eventbrite - Agile Tour London 2013Follow the @agiletourlondon on twitter and in linkedIn with the Agile Tour London Group

Check out the program!

Theory of Constraints and Agility
Craig Strong and Daryn Holmes

Agile Leadership
Alex Cuva

Discovering Scrum: An Introduction
Peter Stevens

Xanpan — a personal take on all things Agile
Allan Kelly

Frameworks: supporter and mischief-makers of Agile Development
Oliver Szymanski

So long, and thanks for all the tests
Seb Rose

The future is Agile
David Tanzer

The Emperor's New Clothes: Meaningful Interactions in Stressful Situations
Portia Tung

How to Develop Great Scrum Master
Ángel Medinilla

How to be agile in a waterfall company
Dror Helper

Code Dojo
Nigel Runnels-Moss
(Bring your laptop and your favorite IDE!)

XP at Unruly
Rachel Davies

Personal continuous improvement — a myth?
Brindusa Axon

Agile UX, Is Agile from Mars and UX from Venus?
Carl Myhill and Steve Hayes

Methodology Patterns: a Different Approach to Create a Methodology for Your Project
Giovanni Asproni

When TDD goes awry: Useless tests, infesting mocks and other horrors
Uberto Barbini

Change how you change
Tony Bruce

« We Do Agile ». Why Is It Difficult for Solution Centers to Be Agile?
Ernst Perpignand

Flow - an agile method for Devops
Steve Arnold

Not a day you want to miss. See you there.