Thursday, 5 September 2013

BDD Lessons Learned - Skillsmatter skillscast

Recently I presented a talk with my colleague Ant on some lessons learned around working with BDD.

The podcast is here

A discussion on what can cause some issues when implementing BDD taken from personal experience.
Things like, in no particular order:
  • Don’t rush into automation
  • Don’t spend hours arguing about the correct language to use
  • See what others are doing
  • Write scenarios as a team
  • Have the conversation
  • Don’t add implementation details in scenarios
  • Add tests to continuous integration process as early as possible
  • Use your scenarios
  • Include the SME (Subject Matter Expert)
  • domain expert and customer
  • Keep scenarios precise
  • Use examples to reinforce the scenario
  • Every scenario is negotiable and is subject to change at any time
  • Your scenarios are your living documentation
  • Make things visual
  • Sign off scenarios
  • Just do it.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Change the way you attempt change - Skillsmatter skillscast

Recently I presented a talk on Change.

Change the way you attempt change

We all have things we want to change, whether it's at work or personally and change is hard, in some cases seemingly impossible. This will be a chance for people to get together and discuss change.Looking at the psychology behind change. Focusing on case studies,research and personal experiences.
Looking at using the framework of 'Direct the rider, motivate the elephant, and shape the path' we'll discuss it's general use which we've all experienced and most likely not realised and look at how we can utilise it in our own lives.
Breaking down the framework we'll look at aspects such as :
  • Finding the bright spots.
  • Shrinking the change.
  • Tweaking the environment.
What do you want to change? Let's get started

Here is a link to the Prezi