Saturday 20 August 2016

#ltgworkshops competition winner - Bhagya Perera's blog post

A short while ago there was a competition to win a ticket to #ltgworkshops 2016.

As part of the competition if you won you had to write a blog post about your #ltgworkshops experience. 

Bhagya Perera was one of the winners. Bhagya has a blog which you should check out.

I've replicated her blog post here.

I had a chance to join by LTGW in June 2016. I took my time in writing this blog because I wanted to see what I would remember after sometime. I normally blog as soon as I come out from a conference but this time I thought to wait and see.
LTGW is different to other conferences because it is only contain workshops. Many interesting workshops. Personally I had went through the list of workshops several times, made my mind, changed it, went through again, changed it to original and changed again. That probably explain how interesting the list of workshops were.
Tony’s (@tonybruce77) power of asking questions workshop was a highlight. Asking questions is easy but asking the right question is difficult. One of key point I remember is that we should ask questions not only for self-benefit but for the benefit of others as well.
Yes true. Many times, I have asked questions where they benefit me but sometimes I have asked questions to make sure the person who explains the situation had thought about them too. Many occasions I have seen people build up conversations based on the question I have asked. I have not thought that the conversations that build, ideas that triggered and areas that discovered are results of a simple question. Sometime your question can be the answer. It is always better to ask the question than being scared of it.
Then I went to another session on Mentoring by Tony and Dan (@DanAshby04). We had discussed about what is Mentoring, Coaching, Teaching and Leadership. In a summary,
Mentoring is about to grow others skills, Listening to others and share experience, provide continuous help on need basis, guiding, encouraging and help
Coaching is about transfer of skills, problem driven, not on going, maximise skills, and have an end goal
Teaching is a structured program, delivered one direction, share Information, inspire, and evolve
Leadership is about being responsible, Delegation, Representation, Accountable, Inspire, Motivate and Organise.
It was nice to see the difference of each sections as sometimes mentoring and coaching described in the same manner.
Both above workshops filled with interesting videos and fun exercises.
I was in two other sessions thinking I should have gone to a different workshop one workshop was too basic for me and the other one did not make any impact on me.
Other than that, it was a great.  Thanks Tony for the free ticket! It was an amazing experience.