Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Announce Exploratory Testing Workshop at #TestBash Netherlands

Test Bash is going to The Netherlands!!

Register here.

It's happening at the end of January 2017 in Utrecht.

There are workshops on the 26th and the conference day is on the 27th.

Along with Sharath Byregowda I will be running a workshop on the 26th.

Here are the details - 

Announce Exploratory Testing
by Sharath Byregowda & Tony Bruce

You know Exploratory Testing is not following a script. You know Exploratory Testing provides quick feedback. You know Exploratory Testing is a perfect fit to your context. You have notes from test sessions. What next? How do you share this information? What do you share? How do you produce metrics? What can you visualise? How can you visualise it? In this workshop Sharath and Tony will introduce you to a framework to help manage and report your testing sessions. This framework can be used to produce useful trends and metrics to quickly to share with your stakeholders.
  • Through a day of discussions, teamwork and exercises we will
  • Get familarised with the framework
  • Look at different ways of producing your notes
  • Produce trends and metrics from your test sessions
  • Give an idea of coverage
Attendees will leave with:
  • A understanding of different note taking methods
  • A method of producing trends and metrics
  • A view of coverage
  • Visualisation of their Exploratory Testing