Monday 27 May 2013

Vim is pretty cool.

Vim is a cool text editor.

Might take a little practice but it can help you get quicker and more efficient with any text you have to edit.

It's by no means new but if you've not checked it out before give it a go.

Here's a couple of resources to get you started.

The vim help is also pretty good.

Pretty good blog post on vim

And here's a example of everyones first vim session

Explaining testing: See and Observe 2

Oxford Dictionary definitions of See and of Observe.

This is a screen shot from "The Last Stand". What do you see? What do you observe?

BTW, stay away from this movie unless you hate yourself.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Explaining testing: Test scripts

Excerpt from: Alan Richardson – What Made You a Leader?

I mean, and this is just one example, they wanted me to write down all the steps I was going to take before I had ever done them. Insane. And when the obvious thing happened i.e. we couldn’t do what we had written because the system didn’t quite work the way we thought it had, they were surprised. But we didn’t learn, instead we amended all the scripts, then started again, and again, and again. Because that was the ‘way testing was done’.