Thursday, 5 September 2013

BDD Lessons Learned - Skillsmatter skillscast

Recently I presented a talk with my colleague Ant on some lessons learned around working with BDD.

The podcast is here

A discussion on what can cause some issues when implementing BDD taken from personal experience.
Things like, in no particular order:
  • Don’t rush into automation
  • Don’t spend hours arguing about the correct language to use
  • See what others are doing
  • Write scenarios as a team
  • Have the conversation
  • Don’t add implementation details in scenarios
  • Add tests to continuous integration process as early as possible
  • Use your scenarios
  • Include the SME (Subject Matter Expert)
  • domain expert and customer
  • Keep scenarios precise
  • Use examples to reinforce the scenario
  • Every scenario is negotiable and is subject to change at any time
  • Your scenarios are your living documentation
  • Make things visual
  • Sign off scenarios
  • Just do it.

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