Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Spitballing at RapidFTR

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to attend another RapidFTR CodeJam generously hosted by USwitch. More on USwitch here.
A bit of time was spent getting environments ready and we were off. We split into teams and I joined the Blackberry group. We started with getting a semi layout/semi infracstructure drawing up on the board so we all knew what we were dealing with.

And the Devs left to do Devy things and I stayed with the board to think testing things, which meant, questions, lots of questions.
I ended up with this.

I started with thinking about what I was looking at and then thinking about what I would want to test and what information I needed and what information I thought was lacking as a whole.
Here's a couple of post notes close up. Probably be a bit hard to read as my writing is atrocious.

I must admit, I've been lazy though and haven't put these up on the wiki yet or asked the questions of anybody. I will make sure I do that this week.
It did lead to the team asking what models of Blackberry we should be concerned about which is a good start.
I can see from the Google group that the stories are progressing, story progress is being tracked on Mingle, defects are as well.
Code is on Github as is the wiki.
So I made a small stack of sticky notes with a lot of questions, questions I haven't asked yet but will do.

I then moved onto a bit of ET, looking at the search function, have a few more ideas there, not quite finished. I want to know if I can manipulate the data during transfer, essentially muck about with the posts and gets. I'm going to try this week.
And that was the day pretty much gone! Don't know where it went cause it went quick, maybe I was slacking.
The project could do with a few more testers. I was kinda surprised I was the only one. It might be because these Devs do a lot of acceptance testing but testers will still be needed so sign up!

It could also do with people who have experience with Blackberrys, developing and testing.
If you can help, get in touch.


  1. Tony,

    WOW, to me the event looks like is loaded with learning and fun. Is there a way a tester could contribute to this initiative over the net, if one cannot be at the venue physically?

    Sharath B

  2. Hi Sharath,

    There is, just have a look at www.rapidftr.com