Monday, 8 November 2010

November London Tester Gathering write up.

On the 2nd November another London Tester Gathering was held. I was quite surprised, the turnout was the normal(ish) 50 odd people. I thought the tube strike would make it a very quiet night.

Reflective Solutions demo'd StressTester which looks intuitive and easy to pick up and seemed to generate some interest, I noticed the Reflective Solutions guys answering a lot of questions. If you are looking for a performance testing tool it's worth checking out.

It was great to have Michael Bolton along to another gathering, he shared with us his 'Burning Issues' talk which was thought provoking in a worrisome kind of way but also entertaining.

There were lots of new faces and lots of regulars, great to see both.

It was also a great pleasure to meet Sharath Byregowda who is one of the co-founders of Weekend Testing which has now become a worldwide 'movement'.
Sharath is in London looking for testing challenges so if you need someone, grab him quick, he won't be free for long.

There were some great discussions all around, way too many to list. One that is of particular interest was the idea of weeknight testing, something to keep an eye out for.

All in all a very interesting night, there were discussions, things for people to take away and think about, visitors from India, Toronto, Netherlands and Scotland and lots of merriment.

See you at the next one.


  1. Great write-up Tony. Thank you for organising the event again.

  2. Hi tony,

    sounds like it was a great night. I'm hoping to be able to attend the next one.


  3. Sorry I wasn't able to make this one, Tony - hoping to make the next

  4. Tony, so pleased this is going well for you, great night and good company, I look forward to the next one. I think it's turning into a "must go" event in the testing calendar.

  5. Thanks for a great night Tony!

  6. Darren wrote a much better write up here: