Tuesday, 12 April 2011

10 Ways To Do Exploratory Testing Badly

Moved from my old blog, originally posted here.

1. Don't stay on track, if you come across something you think needs some exploring, do it then and there.
2. Answer your emails, take and make phone calls, talk about the weather, cats and dogs, how The Princess Bride is the only movie ever where the lead actor is prettier then the lead actress.
3. Don't take any notes, keep it in your head.
4. Don't have anything written down, no need for a mission/charter.
5. Read articles, white papers, blogs on Exploratory Testing as you perform Exploratory Testing.
6. There are a few tools out and about to help with Exploratory Testing, ignore all of them. Tools? We ain't got no Tools. We don't need no Tools! I don't have to show you any stinkin' Tools!'
7. Don't log anything you find, keep it to yourself, all mine, mine, mine mine. My Precioussssssss.
8. Once you've finished, do it again, and keep repeating the same thing.
9. Don't worry about coverage, you covered stuff, that'll do.
10. Don't look for anything odd.


  1. A top 10 close to my heart. :-)

    No. 4 in particular makes me want to kill testers.

  2. Nice posting.
    But I got issues with No.1. But that might be again the context question. :-)
    Sometimes you *have* to leave the track and *immediate* investigate.
    This depends on the testers experience to decide "good enough" what is worth (risky enough) to get off the track.

    Columbus (as *the explorer*) would not stay on course, if he sees a castaway. :-)