Friday, 2 March 2012

I'll be speaking at....and attending....

I'm speaking at Belgium Testing Days with Adrian Rapan about different project scenarios and how we did, wished and would now deal with them.
There will be a lot of awesome stuff going on.

And I'm speaking at CAST 2012 on change. Again there will be a lot of awesome stuff happening.

I'll be attending Lets Test and running/hosting/whatever is needed at a Tester Mega Gathering.

I've booked myself onto Agile Coaching Skills with Rachel Davies. Rachel is one of the authors of Agile Coaching. Course should be fun and is being run through Skillsmatter


  1. Phil Kirkham has just posted on the Tester Mega Gathering. Wicked.

  2. Also forgot to say I'm doing BBST Foundation in April! Thanks to @petewalen 's post for reminding me