Monday, 11 June 2012

Tonight the first ever Brighton Agile Exchange was held.

Tonight the first ever Brighton Agile Exchange was held.

It has to be said, it was a terrible night to hold it, England played France.
For anybody that follows football, 'nuff said.

I must admit, I thought that nobody would show so it's a testament to Debbie's passion and drive that there was 10-15 people there.

We discussed whether the exchange was needed, it was agreed that it was.

We talked about how to go foward, part of which was to organise some speakers and to much sure people got value out of coming to the get togethers.

We discussed what agile/Agile means, turns out, everybody has a very similar but also very different ideas.

Part of what was discussed was that everybody has to have the right mindset, it's not something that management can dictitate to the 'workers', management needs to be willing to adapt and change.

We also discussed communication between team members such as juniors/new team members and seniors/experienced team members.

If you're near Brighton, come along to the next Exchange, get some value and add some value.

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