Monday, 8 April 2013

Explaining testing: 101 Tactics For Revolutionaries

Here are the first 10 to get you started.

Onward to glory!

  1. if you’re in charge, do it yourself
  2. if you’re not in charge, do it yourself
  3. become known as “the guy who…” so when the time is right, everyone knows there’s a guy who…
  4. learn to be nice, so people like you
  5. realise there are no rules, you can do what you like
  6. know that you are as right as you can be for now given what you’ve learnt so far
  7. know that this is the same for everybody else
  8. stay on the inside of the wrong thing so you can speak with authority on why and how it is wrong
  9. know it’s not a race. That you can divide the world into those ahead of you and those behind, and to all those ahead of you, you’re the one behind.
  10. be an entrepreneur not a crusader
The rest are here: 101 Tactics For Revolutionaries

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