Sunday, 30 June 2013

I attended an agile open space 2013 in Tenerife. #aos2013

Recently I attended an agile open space.

It was organised by agile Canarias and agile Spain and held in Tenerife at the CDTCA.

It started on Friday night and was held over Saturday and topped off with a party on Saturday night.

Friday was a good start, there was a bit of a explanation on what an open space was then people presented their ideas.

There was a wide range of topics such as pair programming to impact mapping to changing minds.

I don't speak Spanish and I must admit I felt a little out of place as the announcements and the like were in Spanish and although they were repeated in English initially, that soon stopped.

Not so odd if you consider you're in a Spanish country, little bit odd if you consider there was a push for more international attendees.

I think the push (and therefore the use of English) may have been news to some of the attendees though and it seemed like it may have also been news to some of the organisers.

I'm glad I went but I must admit at the time I felt awkward being there.  I was one of about 3-4 that aren't able to speak Spanish so I suppose it was awkward all around.

I attended a session on changing minds which was facilitated by Laura Morillo and a user story workshop facilitated by Juanma Gómez.

In the change session we discussed a number of things ranging from changing manual testers mindset to use (some) automation to how to change colleagues' minds to try new things.

In the user story workshop we talked about things like size of stories, what kind of details should be in them and different approaches.

Juanma in action

I was lucky to be able to run my own session which was on responsibility.  We talked about things like team vs personal responsibility, taking responsibility vs being told you're responsible and blame.

I enjoyed the session and I hope the attendees did too.

I met passionate people who are looking to help each other and improve.  Good times.

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  1. Hello Tony.

    As one of the organizers I must admit we managed the language really bad. We didn't planned the event as good as we wanted, but I hope we will organize future events and we will try to do for the international community in a better way.

    We are glad you had a nice time in Tenerife :-)