Thursday, 23 July 2015

London Tester Gathering Workshops 2016 - Call for thoughts

The London Tester Gathering Workshops bring together some of the greatest minds in our industry, to learn, share and evolve the tool and techniques that matter to you! A joining of 100+ testers, #LTGWorkshops creates an unrivalled space for meeting fellow testers facing the same engineering problems. At the centre of the conference is a tried-and-true design with a focus on giving you the advantages you won't find in the manual!
Join us at #LTGWorkshops on the 2-3rd of June 2016! Come along to discover and learn good ideas and techniques in testing. At the end of these two days, you will know how to use modern testing practices and provide the information your stakeholders need to make informed decisions.
WARNING - This is not your event if you want to sit and listen. This is your event if you want to discuss, learn, share and do.
All Skills Matter’s conferences are crafted with the community in mind; for people who are passionate about discovering and learning innovative approaches and technologies to crack the engineering challenges in our industry. People like you!
We hope you can help us organise a valuable event that helps you discover and explore those ideas, technologies and practices you need, featuring the experts you want to learn from and formats that best suit you, by sharing your ideas in this Call for Thoughts.

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